How It Works

The reason WebRTM works so well is because WebRTM is mostly handled by our servers. This means, you (the client) only has to be requesting information from our public APIs via our specially designed program. This program connects to our Public APIs and makes console memory changes accordingly. If you are interested in working with our C++ or C# private APIs, please contact us, by emailing an admin below.

For Developers

Think you can help us develop WebRTM? Send us an email (found below), include projects you've worked on (public), any types of social media and what you believe you can do to better WebRTM

Contact Us

Admin Email:


Hate Ads? Don't worry, we understand. Because this tool isn't free for us to supply for you, we ask for a small, $0.99 contribution to be made, and we will remove all the ads shown on our site.
Not only this, you'll be given access to our Premium Exclusive PSN to IP Resolver

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